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Do You Want A Calm, Empowered, And Healthy Birth? 

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Meet Emma Pearson

Emma has been practicing yoga since she was pregnant with her first child, over 25 years ago. Ever since, she has been practicing daily. Prenatal yoga was a pivotal tool to support her body have a natural unmedicated birth and recovery.

Since, she has taught hundreds of moms feel healthy, strong, and empowered through pregnancy and beyond.

Emma is dedicated to giving the tools to moms so they can ride the waves of motherhood with balance.

What Have Other Families Said?

I've turned into a prenatal yoga evangelist. After moving out of California as a pregnant lady, I can say the thing I miss the most (even more than Cheeseboard Pizza, which means a lot) is prenatal yoga at Yoga Tree with Sarah and Emma. It's the best thing I've done for myself during my pregnancy. During each class, I felt challenged to improve my focus and breathing with an emphasis on what my body wanted to do that day. Sarah and Emma truly understand what it's like to be a pregnant mama and make knowledgable modifications to each pose and affirm our presence and desire to have a healthy pregnancy and birth. As busy as my weeks could be, I always looked forward to coming to class. It was time for me to connect with my body, my baby, and other mamas. I love the "check in" time to meet other women and share our experiences in a positive, welcoming environment. I can't speak more highly of Sarah and Emma, their classes, and my experience at Yoga Tree! I learned so much and I am looking forward to carrying that knowledge with me into my baby's birth and beyond. If you're expecting a babe, go to these classes. Thank you, Sarah and Emma!  -Anna

This review is for Emma Pearson. I heart Emma and credit her prenatal class with providing me the physical and mental tools to birth my daughter naturally and make a happy (and low stress) transition to motherhood. Emma's class is a wonderful mix of modalities: class starts with a check in for all moms. This provides a wonderful forum for connecting with your thoughts and feelings about impending parenthood, and offers a wonderfully supportive network. Class then gets hardcore (with, of course, modifications for all gestational stages/levels of ability)! We do a nice vinyasa coupled with strength building exercises targeting the core, arms, and pelvic floor/thighs. There's and excellent bit of meditation at the end as well. Really a tremendous workout for the bod and a great stretch for the soul. Also the introductory class rates and packages are a great deal. I also want to recommend Emma's post-natal class. I've just started attending but already feel that Emma is fast helping my body on the road to recovery and regaining core strength. Taking a newborn out and about can be daunting, but babies are right at home in the class. In fact, if your baby is fussing, you can feel free to take a breastfeeding break, or, if class is small enough, Emma will bounce your baby so you can get your down-dogs in. She's absolutely amazing and accommodating and truly creates a Mom+ environment.”   -Rachel

Pre and Post-Natal Yoga with Emma Pearson is amazing and I highly recommend her classes.  I started taking Emma's pre-natal classes when I was 15 weeks pregnant with baby #2 and then attended her post-natal classes with my baby until I had to return to work.  Her classes provide a challenging physical workout in a space that allows you to deal with the emotional and spiritual elements of motherhood.  I don't know how she does it - but thank goodness she does!Tracy


Even before I was pregnant, Yoga Tree Telegraph fast became my favorite yoga studio in Berkeley - my 'home base' for yoga.  Emma Pearson made it even more inviting during my pregnancy, with wonderful, accessible pre-natal classes that I felt were both nurturing and strengthening.  Emma has a loving, calming presence about her that permeates the entire room - and her love of pre-natal yoga, pregnant mamas and babies feels so evident, it really makes the time together feel special.   More than anything, I loved the way she had us connect with our babies throughout the session...her cues, which often mentioned our babies, helping remind us of the physical (and emotional/spiritual!) connection with our pregnancy as we did each asana.   This was important to me - and were a memorable part of my pregnancy since the first time I went to her class at week 8 - until week 41!  The check-ins at the beginning of class with each mama-to-be help the class feel more cohesive and build community among the yoginis there that day, too.  I often ended up having great conversations with other pregnant moms after class that felt supportive and fun as well.  Emma's wisdom and experience regarding pregnancy and well as her encouragement of our 'intuition' and sense of confidence as pending parents was also a reason I found myself coming back again and again to her class.  One thing I noticed - she will tailor the class beautifully depending on who is attending...mamas new to yoga, or mamas in first vs. third trimester - as much as possible, offering alternative poses depending on what each yogi needed.  I highly recommend Emma and her pre-natal class, and am excited to start her 'Mama and Baby' class shortly now that my little one has arrived.  -Lindsay

Class Details

How To Stay Healthy

 Prenatal Yoga

Tuesday 9 AM PST


Thursday 4 PM PST

Are you pregnant and want to stay healthy through your recovery? Do you have common discomforts or stress?


Emma will be teaching you tools to strengthen your body for labor and a easy recovery. You will be practicing relaxation and centering tools to help prepare you for labor and motherhood.

How To Stay Healthy

Mom Yoga

Monday 9 AM PST


Friday 4 PM PST

Are you a mom? All moms are welcome! Are you having a hard time finding time for yourself? Do you want to feel back to your center? Do you want to feel more energized and strong?


Emma will give you a unique and challenging class with a combination of MUTU and yoga to re-strengthen your pelvic floor and abdominal muscles. As well as overall re-energizing and calming support so you can return to your family with appreciation and presence. 

Ready For Your Next Step?

Investment Packages

We want to make this a really easy investment for families during the COVID-19!


Weekly yoga: $18

4 week package: $58

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