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Super Moms

Virtual Course

Super Moms Course

5 weeks to nurture yourself and rebuild your strength as a new mom.

Do you have a little one and your wanting to have a healthy first couple years of motherhood?

Have your returned to work and you feel like you never have enough time?


This is a course where I am going to take you step by step how to learn tools and feel supported as you take care of your baby. Do you want to learn to give to your child from a place of wholeness, where you are confident and taken care of as well? It is important that during the holidays you have extra support, because all the pressure of the holidays normally goes on the mom. Do you want to enjoy the holidays with your family? Do you want to commit to your vitality and health so you can start this next year strong?


This course is a unique combination of midwifery, yoga, Ayurveda, and life-coaching so you can make easy and quick shifts in your day to day life as a mom. This course is in the comfort of your home or work environment. This includes weekend ninety minute virtual classes and weekly 30 minute classes. Classes are always recorded in case you miss anything. This course is designed so you can show up if you are working, with milk everywhere, feeling exhausted, messy house, or in your PJ's! We will end this course with a Super Moms retreat! This is so you can truly be taken care of and feel the support with other mamas!




24/7 Facebook support on a private group for individualized support for you and the other mamas on this course. 


 5 Weeks To Become The Super Mom That You Are! 


Topics we’ll cover include:


December 22 4-5:30pm


Claiming your desires and creating more expansive time in your life.


December 26th 12-12:30pm


Building core strength with customized postpartum exercises.


December 29th 4-5:30pm


Tools to increase your energy throughout the day so you can be more present as a mom or at work.


January 2nd 12-12:30pm


Learn how to activate your pelvic floor muscles and reignite your sensuality. 


January 5th 4-5:30pm


Awaken your passion in your partnership. Learn how to ask for and get the touch you want.

January  9th 12-12:30pm


Learn how to get good sleep and rest in your daily life so you can have more energy for work and/or motherhood. 

January  12th 4-5:30pm

How to authentically communicate your needs and create more harmony in your family.

January 16th 12-12:30pm

Break free from the to do list: restore and revitalize yourself.

January  19th 4-5:30pm


Break free from shame and guilt and embrace your unique super powers!  


Also Included:

Bonus training Radiant mothers: 3 style secrets to love your body with Vaidehi Normand!


Bonus training Releasing Tension From Your Birth Experience

Bonus with Amber: 1 hour personal coaching over the phone.

Bonus In Person Retreat! February 16th



 3 monthly payments of $235 or $637 upfront (you save $98!)



Wednesday 12-12:30PM PST

Saturday 4-5:30PM PST


December 22nd, 26th, 29th January 2nd, 5th, 9th, 12th, 16th, and 19th.

How Committed Are You To Your Health?


Are you wondering if this is for you? 

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What Have Other Mother's Said?

"Amber Pearson is a one-stop shop for new and expecting parents. I've benefitted from her 5-week Super Moms as well as her postpartum doula services. Amber's offerings are intentional, individualized, supportive, and spot-on when it comes to what mamas really need, which is a gentle reminder, permission and unwavering encouragement to prioritize a relationship with yourself.

So many services for new parents are baby-centered but Amber truly provides something that is mama-centered. Don't get me wrong, Amber is incredible with babies (and partners, too!), but her true gift is her love for mothers. What she offers is beyond just a listening ear and a hand to hold but actionable techniques for coping with the stresses of parenthood and the struggles of maintaining a sense of self throughout the postpartum period.

Amber makes self-care attainable. She's not suggesting you do anything beyond your means like so many other services out there that just leave you feeling like a failure. Amber meets you where you're at and works with you to find solutions that work for YOU. There's no judgment -- just encouragement, validation and a genuine sense of awe of your unique way of mothering, every step of the way.

I'll admit that I was nervous to commit to a 5-week series as I felt at my limit caring for my baby and keeping my household afloat, but I found the Super Moms to be a light in my week as it allowed me to set aside time for myself that was both replenishing and productive in my journey to better self-care.

The online format of the group is part of Amber's brilliance -- I didn't have to leave my house or get dressed to participate, and it didn't matter if my baby was fussy or if I needed to prep a meal while listening in.

I simply can't say enough about Amber's services and the wisdom she has to share with others. If you're ready to reconnect with yourself and build a sustainable self-care practice during the postpartum time, Amber is who you want as your guide!" -Whitney

"Amber offers a wonderfully versatile range of care and support and I have  found her knowledge and insights, particularly around self care as a mother, invaluable. 
Taking part in her five week Super Moms Course was a great experience which helped me to integrate positive changes into my daily routine that have left me feeling more energized and helped to create a deeper connection with my partner. She has been a friendly, caring support throughout my births and postpartum and continues to offer her help and advice whenever needed. Thank you Amber!" -Alice


"I would highly recommend this class because it is so informative, so empowering, so beautiful. I would explain it as a divine process of connecting to self, the baby, and the journey of motherhood with other new mamas." -Denise


"Its been a helpful, supportive space to connect to other mothers and my own self through yoga, medication, discussions, check-ins, stories, pregnancy, birth, and postpartum eduction. Expanding on some topics that you may not have thought of or people don't talk about as much, really helpful." -Anna

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