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Guiding You And Your Family Through A Healthy, Strong and Confident Few Years

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This Is For You If You Want


A Healthy Postpartum Recovery 


To Breastfeed


To Rebuild Your Strength After Birth


To Feel Connected With Your Family


To Avoid Common Challenges Like Postpartum Depression

What Is A Postpartum Ayurvedic Doula?

And How Is It Different From A Postpartum Doula?


A Postpartum Ayurvedic Doula or Ayurdoula: is someone trained in Ayurveda postpartum practices to help heal the body after birth. Ayurveda is a life science from India, which has been around for thousands of years and offers a wealth of knowledge for families after birth. Specifically, many women have body pain, constipation, gas, sleep loss, hormone fluctuation, digestion problems, and can go to extreme postpartum depression and/or infection.  This is common, but preventable with the tools through Ayurveda! We support parents with a 6-week regimen after birth to help with balancing the hormones, deep connection with baby, digestion, physical strength, milk supply, and more! 

A postpartum Doula is someone trained to support a mother after delivery. Prior to working with families as a Postpartum Ayurvedic doula, I worked as a general postpartum doula. Unfortunately, I found all moms were having the same common issues. This is what ultimately brought me to work with Ayurveda because it specifically addresses reducing these common challenges. That is why we specialize in Ayurveda during recovery to prevent common challenges moms face.


What You Can Expect In Working With Us

Healthy Pregnancy, Birth, & Postpartum

I want to make sure you are healthy and vital during your pregnancy, birth and postpartum. This is why you'll join my Empowered Pregnancy Group and my Empowered Mothers Group which supports you through the first year postpartum

Supported Through The Entire Pregnancy & year Postpartum

This transition to motherhood or having more children can be a lot and I want you to feel supported, relaxed, confident and nourished during this journey!

Immense Care & Expertise DuringYour Postpartum Recovery

We have supported hundreds of families, and we want to make sure you have the best experience possible! 

Extensive Care Postpartum

We support you and your family during the recovery to support you heal faster and bond with your baby. This includes breastfeeding support, pelvic floor and abdominal restrengthening, nourishing postpartum Ayurvedic foods, and Abyungha (oiling massage). 


I am fully convinced that Amber was an angel sent from heaven to my birth.  Amber,  showed up at my birth and became a pillar of support during the birth that I hadn't realized I would need. She is highly intuitive, attuned and respectful, offering only as much inspiration as you need and as much physical support as you ask for. She's super gentle and super strong at the same time (probably due to her yoga practice) and I couldn't imagine a more perfect combination for birth support. She ended up staying on with me as a postpartum doula for over a month, underpinning my post-natal bonding bliss with all sorts of raw food concoctions and Aruyuvedic treats. She took took 'nurturing the nurturer' to a topnotch level! I'd probably never eaten as healthy in my life as I did when Amber was cooking so my little one got off to a terrific start and has continued to thrive. Thank you Amber for all you have done for us! ” 


—  Eve

Fun Facts In My Practice:


Homebirth Sats 2021

Exclusive Breastfeeding: 100%

Natural Birth (unmedicated): 100%

Vaginal Birth: 100%

Water Birth: 20%

Episiotomy 0%

Cesarean Birth: 0%

2nd Degree Tear 1%

3rd Degree Tear 0%

Postpartum Depression: 5%

Hospital Sats 2021
Exclusive Breastfeeding: 80%
Natural Birth (unmedicated): 70%
Vaginal Birth: 98%
Water Birth: 0%
Episiotomy 1%
Cesarean Birth: 2%
2nd Degree Tear 98%
3rd Degree Tear 1%
Postpartum Depression: 30%

How To Have A Healthy Postpartum Recovery 

Your Healthy Pregnancy & Birth

Prenatal Care

We meet weekly for a live online Empowered Pregnancy Group so you can prepare for your birth and postpartum before you are there. This allows you to transition into birth & motherhood with more ease and joy.  

Meeting with your Ayurvedic Doula to prepare for your beautiful postpartum journey ahead. 

Your Relaxed & Healthy Postpartum Journey

Postpartum Care In Your Home

3 hours of postpartum Ayurvedic cooking each visit

1 hour of support

1 postpartum Ayurvedic Abhyanga each visit (60+ minutes)

Your Birth Recovery

Postpartum Care

Closing the bones ritual and 4th-trimester body care is pivotal in processing and releasing your birth experience. This is done in my office. 

What Are The Benefits Of A Postpartum Doula?


This has been found to improve sleep quality (1) and reduce insomnia,

(2) improve the body's adaptation to stress,

(3) reduce anxiety more than other methods of relaxation or meditation studied,

(4) decrease depression,

(5) increase positivity,

(6) improve marital satisfaction and adjustment

(7) and family life.

 ~Read the article here


Decreased need for pain medications, reduction of the use of unnecessary medical interventions & cesareans, Increased positive feelings and integration about one's childbirth experience and enhanced bonding with baby. 

Ready For Your Next Step?

Postpartum Midwifery Care