Do You Want A Calm, Empowered, And Healthy Birth? 

I Want To Support You Every Step Of The Way!

  Midwifery & Doula Care

This Is For You If You Want


A Vaginal Birth


To Breastfeed


To Prevent Vaginal Tears


Have An Easeful Recovery After Delivery


To Have Informed Choices Throughout Pregnancy, Birth, And Postpartum

What Is The Difference Between A Midwife & a Birth Doula?

As a licensed midwife, I am medically trained to support the physiological process of birth. We do all the prenatal appointments, the birth in your home, and all the postpartum appointments. We are trained medical providers that support you have a natural birth at home. To learn more about my midwifery page check out Home Midwifery


A Birth Doula is someone who supports you non medically prenatally to help you learn tools, gather resources, write your birth plan, learn your options for birth and after, and allow you to feel supported and prepared as you bring your child into this world. Our scope of practice is physical, emotional, educational, and spiritual support. We are on-call for you until you have your baby and support you give birth in the environment that works best for you. We are not medical professionals. 

What You Can Expect In Working With Me

Healthy & Vital Pregnancy

I want to make sure you are healthy and vital during your pregnancy. This also leads to preparation for your birth. I will be teaching you tools to prepare the body for labor so you can have a shorter and smoother birth. 

Supported Through The Entire Pregnancy & year Postpartum

This transition to motherhood or having more children can be a lot and I want you to feel supported, relaxed, confident and nourished during this journey!

Immense Care & Expertise At Your Birth

I have supported over a hundred families have births all over the world in the hospital setting, birth centers, and home births. 

Extensive Care Postpartum

I support you and your family during the recovery to support you heal faster and bond with your baby. This includes breastfeeding, physical healing in the pelvic floor muscles, abdominal muscles, and any tearing. I support you in your home to make sure you, your family, and baby are all thriving. 


I am fully convinced that Amber was an angel sent from heaven to my birth.  Amber,  showed up at my birth and became a pillar of support during the birth that I hadn't realized I would need. She is highly intuitive, attuned and respectful, offering only as much inspiration as you need and as much physical support as you ask for. She's super gentle and super strong at the same time (probably due to her yoga practice) and I couldn't imagine a more perfect combination for birth support. She ended up staying on with me as a postpartum doula for over a month, underpinning my post-natal bonding bliss with all sorts of raw food concoctions and Aruyuvedic treats. She took took 'nurturing the nurturer' to a topnotch level! I'd probably never eaten as healthy in my life as I did when Amber was cooking so my little one got off to a terrific start and has continued to thrive. Thank you Amber for all you have done for us! ” 


—  Eve

Fun Facts In My Practice:

Exclusive Breastfeeding: 100%

Natural Birth (unmedicated): 84%

Vaginal Birth: 98%

Water Birth: 30%

Episiotomy 0%

Cesarean Birth: 2%

2nd Degree Tear 38%

3rd Degree Tear 0%

How To Get The Birth You Want

Your Healthy Pregnancy

Prenatal Care

We schedule prenatal appointments either in the comfort of your home or via zoom to ensure your questions are answered and you are well prepared for your birth and recovery.


Meeting with the backup doula or midwife 


Weekly support through the Empowered Pregnancy Group


Your Relaxed & Empowered Birth

Birth Care

On-call 36-42 weeks for you!


Extensive care with you for your labor, birth, and first few hours postpartum in the comfort of your home, hospital, or birth center. 

Your Healthy & Connected Family

Postpartum Care

Postpartum Visits are essential for your health as a growing family. We support you at home with breastfeeding, newborn care, abdominal rehabilitation, pelvic floor strengthening, and overall well-being as a family. 

Empowered Mothers Group offers you weekly support and care through the first year.

What are the affects of a Birth Doula?


This has been found to improve sleep quality

(1) and reduce insomnia,

(2) improve the body's adaptation to stress,

(3) reduce anxiety more than other methods of relaxation or meditation studied ,

(4) decrease depression,

(5) increase positivity,

(6) improve marital satisfaction and adjustment

(7) and family life.

 ~Read the article here


Decreased need for pain medications, reduction of the use of unnecessary medical interventions & cesareans, increased positive feelings and integration about one's childbirth experience and enhanced bonding with baby. 

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