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Fun Facts In My Practice:


Homebirth Stats 2021-2022

Exclusive Breastfeeding: 100%

Natural Birth (unmedicated): 99%-100%

Vaginal Birth: 99%-100%

Water Birth: 30%

Episiotomy 0%

Cesarean Birth: 0%-1%

2nd Degree Tear 1%

3rd Degree Tear 0%

I took Amber's prenatal yoga class for 6 months during my pregnancy.  She has a very gentle teaching style and I welcomed that during the progression of pregnancy symptoms.  I had a lot of swelling in my legs during the pregnancy, and Amber always offered suggestions and modified postures to accommodate how I was feeling that day.  I don't think I would have continued as long with the yoga if it wasn't for Amber.  She has a very nurturing, calm personality that immediately puts you at ease.  I felt very comfortable doing as much or as little as I could.  Amber also was a great resource for pregnancy and postpartum advice on ayurvedic oils and postpartum food choices.  I highly recommend Amber as she has a wealth of knowledge on the pre and postnatal mama body and care that is needed during this very sensitive time. -Jane.

My search for a doula led me to Amber and her Birth Preparation Classes. The workshop provided an easy going space to connect with other mamas-to-be, get my body moving with prenatal yoga, and participate in informative pregnancy/birth/postpartum discussions. I always left the sessions feeling supported, grounded, and happy. And I know I'll be using some of the tips I learned during my transition into motherhood. Thanks, Amber! -Amelia.


I worked with Amber throughout the pregnancy and birth of my first child. She has been an absolute rock for me; providing emotional and informational support in a gentle, kind, and attentive manner at every turn.

Especially during the pandemic, I was exploring different options for my birth at multiple points in my pregnancy and she always guided me to the referrals and information that I needed in order to come to the best decision for our family.


When I went into labor at home, her calm and confident presence truly created the space for me to embrace the process and carried me through the *many* hours of labor to the birth. She is incredibly gifted at her work and I will be forever appreciative for supporting me have a homebirth!

I also worked with Alana for the postpartum care 6-weeks after the birth. She is the best! She has been such a soothing, caring and warm presence in our home every week. The food she made was simply delicious -- mostly soups/stews, lots of vegetables and warm drinks to support lactation and digestion. My favorite thing was the abyunga massages. They really helped my body heal and helped me catch my breath after those initial long sleepless nights. It was the highlight of my week every time! I would 100% recommend- I'm so grateful to them for helping me have the best birth and postpartum experience that I could. I miss them both already!”


If you want a healthy, relaxed and empowered birth, I'd love to support you!
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