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Loosing Your Loved One


Loss during or after pregnancy can be extremely hard. When there is no baby after, so many moms, families, and others feel that there is an expectation to go into the world like nothing happened. But it is so crucial to take time to heal. Weather it is a miscarriage or a still birth the postpartum window is something that our society doesn’t talk about and can be really challenging to find the kind of support that feels nourishing. No matter where you were in your pregnancy when you lost your child it is important to still get quality postpartum care. Grieving is a lifelong process that is not a linear process. I believe it is important for mothers and families to feel supported during this time of healing.


When I come to your house I offer


Resources and support for decision making.


Wide, nonjudgmental, and patient ears to listen to how your doing.


Gentle and nourishing foods that help warm the body and allow the body to rest and recuperate.


Abyhanga (oiling massage) for the mother. This allows the mother to integrate her experience, rest, balance hormones, feel grounded in her body and nourished.


If she has kept her placenta I also offer placenta encapsulation and tincture for mothers who wish to support their hormones with it.


No mother and family should have to go through this experience, yet when loss does happen my biggest intention is to support families in a gentle way that helps them feel nourished, safe, and cared for.

My husband and I hired Amber to provide postpartum support after the birth and loss of our first baby. Our baby was diagnosed with a rare congenital abnormality and we knew he would not survive birth. A doula myself, I was drawn to Amber's intuitive nature and anticipated great benefits from her ability to weave Ayurveda into our healing process. 

Amber came to our home the day after my son's stillbirth and cooked up some rice porridge and a pot of chai (the first of many). As a grieving, hormonal first-time mama with empty arms and overflowing breasts, it was difficult to eat well and properly care for myself in those first several weeks. The food that Amber made for us was easy to eat and digest (in fact, it was the only thing I could eat), plus it was delicious and filled our home with the warm fragrance of delightful herbs and spices. 

In addition to nutritional support, Amber gave me several abhyanga oil massages. Just like her food, these warm oil massages provided deep healing and nourishment. 

Above all, my husband and I were moved by Amber's empathy, compassion, and ability to be with us through such a profound time. There were moments of great sadness but also moments of overwhelming joy and bliss, and Amber was able to sit with us and honor all of these emotions. My recovery and healing, both physically and emotionally, has been much smoother than I anticipated and this is largely due to Amber's support. She has been an essential member of our care team. -Whitney

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