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This was a mama I worked with. We try and massage when the baby is being cared for by someone else or sleeping. But sometimes, they just want some milk!

Abhyanga oiling


So what’s with warm oiling after birth?!

Ayurveda uses sesame oil for abhyagha towards deep restoration, soothing, grounding, and exercise. In the texts of Ayurveda, which has been practiced for thousands of years, oiling the body is termed as "love."  The oil warms the body activating the nervous system and joints. This also allows the body to go deeply into relaxation and integrate through all the various changes in the body. Therefore, Ayurveda uses oiling for a mother's exercise and to get circulation to the body, while going into deep relaxation.

This supports: hormonal equilibrium, restoring the body, strong immunity, lactation, relaxation, decreased stress, rejuvenation, circulation, rest, digestion, regular sleep patterns, and milk production.


This is an im-home personal oiling specific for postpartum.


Get $30 off when you buy a pack of 6 abhyangas!



Infant Abhyanga oil massage instructions

I come to your home and set up for the massage in a warm place.

Warm the oil and educate you on the amazing benefits of this practice.


Infant massage has many similar attributes as well as, learning for giver and baby communication skills, more alertness, deep regularity sleeping patterns, immune building, magical balance of losing or gaining weight--whatever is needed.



Amber offers great postpartum services, like ayruvedic cooking and abhyanga oiling (massage). These are the two services I found the most helpful and relaxing. She also had a way of gently reminding me to be mindful of my recovery which was good for me. I also had Amber come to do light house chores (folding laundry, light cleaning, preparing me food) and to help take care of Cara. She was really great!

With Amber's support I was able to let my body completely rest and heal in the first few weeks. I was nourished with good food, and just the mental support of knowing that I could have someone come help if I felt I needed it. Because of all this, my body became very strong and I have been able to manage the demands of taking care of two children, and our household, and some of our business responsibilities (which all takes a huge toll on one's body!). I also learned new recipes and a new way of eating, which has helped tremendously with my energy, maintaining a good weight, and I think has made my milk quality very good. Our baby Cara has grown so well! Taking the time for myself in the first few weeks, and participating in massage and such, really reminded me that taking care of myself allows me to better take care of others. It's easy to forget that. -Amy.

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